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Advent Has Started

Advent started on December 2 and at LPC we’re excited.  As our reader board reminded folks, Christmas comes on December 25 this year.   A work crew spent several hours on Saturday, December 1 getting the church all spruced up for the holiday.  Wreaths and garlands have sprouted everywhere, our beautiful Advent banners have been hung, special candles are in place, a large tree is standing and decorated, and our traditional large wreath with four candles is hung in the front of the sanctuary.  The season is filling up with events and joys and we hope you will join us.

  • Sunday, December 9:  Fun Seasonal Garb and Caroling in the Sanctuary after Worship with lunch to follow

  • Sunday, December 16:  Christmas Revels at the Rialto in downtown Tacoma

  • Sunday, December 23:  Christmas Joy Offering

  • Monday, December 24:  Christmas Eve Service at 7:00 pm

  • Tuesday, December 25:  Christmas

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Upcoming Activities